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George Alafis is a simple man who lives among us with a specific goal, a dream; his own contribution to people. His own building block to the edifice of quality and flavour in production. He chose this difficult path, as he has decided that he wants to stand out; he wants to stand out because only then his own high quality handmade products would give a gratified smile of pleasure to his customers. They would remind them of tradition’s forgotten flavours.

Indeed, George Alafis decided that he wants to offer an everyday gift of flavour… his hot bread, made with sourdough and fresh basil, his crunchy sweet-smelling biscuits, his fluffy tsoureki.

These are the reasons why he has created his bakery, where he bakes his products by hand, one by one, with love and care. He searches, finds and uses the purest, most strictly selected, ingredients (certified extra virgin olive oil, pure, fresh butter milk, flour from the best mills in Greece, Greek thyme honey, must, orange zest, almonds, freshly squeezed orange juice, cinnamon, clove) and follows faithfully family recipes of the Greek tradition.

George Alafis does not knead for the majority or the minority; he kneads by hand for each and every one of you.

And he proves it every single day!!!